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April 23, 2015
This is an unabashed endorsement of Mark Weinstein Motors. I bought a 2007 Honda Fit from him earlier this month and had an incredible experience. Not only was the car fairly priced right off the bat, it was in excellent condition-- but it was meeting Mark that sold me. Let every car dealer take a lesson from this man on how to be genuine, honest, cooperative, patient and kind! He helped me through every step of the process efficiently and clearly explained all of the paperwork and steps. He worked closely with me to secure financing through my credit union and even took the time to get the car inspected for me (it would expire in a month) at no extra charge. I trusted him from the moment I met him and his follow-through was testament to why. He even offered further advice and assistance should I need anything more with the car. It drives perfectly and I am sure I will have it a long time. And I will keep on signing his praises!

Allen Crozier

June 19, 2019
I recently bought a 2011 Nissan Xterra from Mark and had a great car buying experience. Mark is a one man shop, so you always work with the owner. That is huge! Although he has a small lot, his inventory is nothing but very nice used vehicles handpicked by Mark himself. Most come from other major dealerships instead of the auto auction. If you're in the market for a used vehicle, I would highly suggest stopping by and talking to Mark.

Amy Raskin

May 04, 2016
Mark doesn't have a bad car on his lot, and he's a pleasure to do business with. He only procures cars he checks out himself. He's apparently not greedy, because the cars are a good deal. He had no-haggle pricing on my Honda, but it was still a bargain, unlike CarMax's and the other no-haggle lots. And Mark's friendly and helpful on top of it. Definitely a good experience.

Avalon Hancock

July 13, 2020
A few weeks ago I found a Prius V that Mark had listed on Craigslist and scheduled a time to look at it the next day. I immediately felt how trustworthy he is and the care he puts in to his business. This was my first ever car purchase and Mark was not only incredibly kind and patient with all my questions, he also explained many details of the process that other dealers might expect you to know outright. As a young person making a big financial step in life, I was so grateful to have the best of both worlds--the knowledge and professionalism of a dealer with the kind and honest approach of a local business/individual. On top of all this, the car was impeccably clean and had a long history posted on Carfax so I felt like I was in the know of the car's past. It's very clear that Mark picks his inventory with a trained eye & assesses them well. This is a relief because it took the pressure off of me as the buyer. Buying a car can feel daunting but you can put your trust Mark!

B Dragicevic

November 03, 2016
I have bought several cars in the Austin area over the years, this was the best car buying experience so far. I got the car I wanted and Mark was very helpful and straightforward. Try the khalua coffee if there, it's a good complement to car buying.

Chris Bishop

June 13, 2018
Had a great experience with Mark. He was very low pressure and allowed me to take my time deciding on a car. I was able to take the car I purchased to a trusted mechanic to get a pre-purchase inspection. He does make an effort to only carry great cars. I really couldn't ask for more for my experience and will suggest him to friends.

chris brown

May 19, 2017
Best guy to get a car from like family

Cindy Lipton

February 09, 2019
Mark took great care of me and sold me a very nice Honda Fit. My old car died on the way to Austin, so I needed to replace it and Mark made it happen. He got me on the road again. I am very grateful for his personal touch and how especially attentive he was to all my questions needs. If you need a car, Mark will get you set up. Highly recommended.


October 22, 2019
Mark is NOT the stereotypical car salesman. He surpassed our expectations! He’s helpful and kind and quick to respond to messages (even when he’s on vacation ??) and he’s not pushy. We bought our daughter’s sweet 16 car from him and we were very pleased with the condition of the car and the car facts he provided gave us more peace of mind about buying a used car. We’ve had so many compliments and the best part is our daughter loves it and the price was fair! We made the 2+ hour commute to Austin to buy it and he was kind enough to mail the plates when they came in. I highly recommend Mark Weinstein Motors, you won’t be disappointed!

Colleen Miller

December 15, 2020
Mark was wonderful! He was very conceed that I was happy with my purchase. I bought an older Honda Accord for my son and it was in great condition. He clearly takes the time to maintain high quality inventory. I will be back for my daughter's car!

Corey Fontenot

February 10, 2020
I purchased a car from Mark a few weeks ago. Mark is down to earth and easy to deal with. He will be honest and fair with you. Go check out his cars. I was pleased and surprised with the quality of the cars he keeps in his inventory and will be checking with him again when I next look for a used car in great shape.

dalia g rodriguez

August 06, 2016
The buying process was quick and very pleasant. He treated my parents with the up most respect. Everyone was at ease. My mother walked out very happy with a beautiful, low mileage vehicle. Thank you Mark!

Dameon Lester

June 16, 2019
I bought an Outback 3.6R Limited from Mark about a month ago. I picked the car up on a Wednesday evening and felt confident enough to start a 1,000 mile West Texas road trip Thursday moing. Great trip. Mark was very responsive to my inquiries and was accommodating to my schedule. Mark’s character breaks all unpleasant stereotypes of this industry and he has an interest in his clients even after the sale is done. I would definitely look to Mark for a next vehicle. Highly recommended.

David Robinson

July 02, 2019
I purchased a 2008 Ford Expedition. Mark Weinstein is a very accommodating personality and fun to talk to.

Debi Givens

April 04, 2018
I had been searching high and low for just the right Cadillac SRX and I was able to find this on Mark's lot. The car was in pristine condition with extremely low miles. This is the second car I have purchased from Mark and I wouldn't hesitate to buy a car from him again. The buying experience was excellent. Mark is honest and no pressure. Once I made the decision to purchase, the experience was quick and painless. The paperwork took about 10 minutes.... not the hours you spend at the large dealerships.

Dr Neb

November 24, 2018
We had an excellent experience with Mark in August 2018. This is a small dealership so it is very easy for Mark to provide personalized one on one service. He has a good selection of cars and SUVs priced at a reasonable “no haggle” level and can get you anything else you might want. Prior to purchase, our sedan was checked out by a mechanic who found it to be in great shape. The car has been running well now for 90 days and several thousand miles. We recommend this business. Thanks, Mark!

Eddy Tobias

March 16, 2019


September 07, 2017
Excellent customer service, very helpful with vehicle information.... competitive prices due to quality vehicles being sold.... very satisfied with Mark... super cool guy...

Genette Hofmann

January 01, 2021
The very best place to buy a beautiful reliable FABULOUS used car!

Houston Jones

April 14, 2013
Couldn't Imagine buying a car any simpler. I found my car on auto-trader (priced VERY competitively) and drove to Austin to pick it up. Ended up having way too fun driving my new car almost 300 miles home. Day two and no problems thus far. I'm in sales myself you your word and hand shake goes a long way with me. I'm very happy to say Mark has both. Car was as described with mileage as reported. I am BEYOND pleased with the whole experience. :)

J Abeel

December 15, 2018
Would gladly purchase another car there anytime! Very clean, mechanically sound, excellent condition. Was searching for 2+ months to find this vehicle, criteria that was a needle in a haystack. Found it and within a matter of days, picked it up. Easiest and stress free car purchase I have made in 18+ years. Very highly recommended!

Jeffrey A

August 01, 2019
Great place to buy a car, very friendly and easy to work with.

Jennifer Lucia

February 01, 2014
My husband just bought his Mustang Gt from Mark today and we had such a great experience! He was kind and professional and we would not hesitate to do business with him again.

Jerry Elmas

October 10, 2017
I have known Mark for over 23 years and I trust him implicitly. My last purchase from him of a 2008 Mercedes was effortless and the car met all of my expectations. More importantly, the entire transaction with Mark was (as I had expected) fair and easy. Mark is fair, honest and straightforward in his dealings. He has integrity in a business which is known for its lack of integrity. Once again, I trust Mark. He is a man of integrity. It is my great pleasure to make this recommendation.

Joliris Candelaria

May 19, 2017

Josh Sherin

January 06, 2015
Recently bought a car from Mark and had a great experience. The car I bought was priced very well compared to other similar vehicles I researched on the inteet and visited at other dealerships. What set Mark Weinstein motors apart from anyone else I dealt with was the low pressure environment, and the quality of vehicles he has on his lot. He is not a high volume, large overhead dealer, and it shoes. He took the time to get to know my wife and eye, and made us comfortable through every step of the purchase. I highly recommend them, and will look to them first for our next car purchase.

Kim Andersen

April 28, 2015
Mark's a decent guy who'll shoot you straight. He goes to great trouble to only pick out good cars that he's proud to sell. His inventory isn't the biggest but that's because he's looking for the cars that are a good deal for both buyer and seller, fairly priced and in good condition.

Kristine Spiller

July 06, 2016
I can't say enough good things about my experience buying a car from Mark. I was looking for a Volvo C30, which aren't made anymore thus making finding one difficult. I found one at CarMax in Houston for $18k. Mark had almost the exact one listed, only one year older, but with half the miles for $4k cheaper! Being that I live in Houston, I didn't have the time to go back and forth to Austin to investigate the car. Mark was wonderful over the phone giving me in depth info on the car and was nothing but accommodating in allowing me to have a mechanic come out to check out the car and even take it on a test drive for me. Mark is obviously very picky in what cars he decides to sell as the car was in perfect condition and passed with flying colors. The best part of my experience with Mark was in the fact that he was willing to hold the car for me, even without a deposit, until I could get to Austin. Getting to Austin was no easy task as this was right before Memorial Day weekend when all the flooding was going on. Mark completely understood that my routes to Austin were cut-off temporarily and still held the car for me even though he was receiving lots of other inquiries about it! All paperwork was ready to go when I got there and Mark took to the time to explain everything very thoroughly. The whole buying process was quick, easy and an extremely pleasant experience! Being that I live in Houston was no problem as he even mailed my plates to me. I wouldn't hesitate to drive to Austin to buy another car from Mark Weinstein Motors. I absolutely love this car and it has been nothing but a joy to drive.

Liz Beth

April 03, 2017
Both Mark and Bill were comfortable with my getting the car carefully inspected by my mechanic before I purchased it. They took care of a repair that needed to take place. I also appreciated that there were no games in the buying experience. Their asking price was competitive with the True Car Value on Edmunds.

Luis Maciel

December 15, 2018

Lydia Sanders

August 15, 2020
We left with the car we went to see. Mark is not the typical pushy salesman and is particular about the cars he chooses to have on his lot. The car was just as was shown in the pictures online. We are happy with our purchase and will look to see what he has available the next time we are looking for a car.

Magal H

July 06, 2010
I visited many dealerships looking for a car at a great price. I even looked as far as San Antonio. A friend recommended this place and after visiting the lot twice, I found my perfect car at an unbelievable price. I couldn’t be happier. Don’t bother going to other places. These guys are very professional and know what they’re doing. They have great cars too.

Matteo Cehovin

November 03, 2013
I bought a Toyota Camry at Mark Weinstein Motor 2 weeks ago. Mark was great and it took me through a great sale experience. I am a salesman myself so i don't like people that try to sell you their product at all cost and Mark is definitely a honest and good person. He let me test drive the car and call my mechanic to check it out. Again, great car and good price. Matteo

Michael Hernandez

January 31, 2019
I was looking for a used Volvo for my son, and wasn't finding much in San Antonio. Saw a car from Mark on autotrader, and it sounded good so we went up to look at it. After a long test drive, we ended up buying it. Mark is very knowledgeable about the makes he sells, and limits himself to high quality vehicles. His approach is no pressure, and his pricing is very fair. I recommend him without reservation.

Nick Berard

October 21, 2018
Dropped into Marks lot to test drive a Honda, I left with the car I came to see. Mark is a guy who I could call a friend, a straight up guy in the business of providing quality cars to people who need them at a fair price. Highly recommend !

Nick Easley

January 03, 2017
Very impressed with Mark and the way he runs his business. I needed a second vehicle to put miles on instead of my daily driver and I searched all over the place. I walked onto several lots that I immediately walked off of because it didn't feel right. Mark was trustworthy, forthcoming with all info he had on the vehicle I was interested in and was never a pushy salesperson. Very very nice guy. Thanks for all of your help

Randy Corpuz

December 28, 2018
Mark was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish! He was very thorough and prompt!

Ray Deharo

April 06, 2018
Great service and Mark always deals in quality autos. Nice fellow. Many yummy restaurants near his lot thanks to his positive impact on the neighborhood.

Reuben Flores

October 19, 2018
Bought my dream car (Honda S2000) and had an awesome experience buying from Mark. I drove 3.5 hours to buy this car, that's how confident I was in talking with Mark before making the trip. The car was exactly as advertised. If you have any doubt in the quality of his vehicles,DONT. He is very upfront and honest and I would have no problems buying again from. Thanks Mark!

Robert May

October 06, 2014
I've been around for quite a while, and I'm not easily impressed. I also don't leave online reviews, but in Mark's case I'll make an exception. One month after buying a Lexus SUV from Mark, I remain impressed by the vehicle and by Mark's candor and his continuing helpfulness, even after the sale. I am extremely pleased in all respects. FWIW - I saw the single negative review in this listing, and I find it strongly suspect. That account in no way resembles the individual with whom I had the pleasure of dealing.

Robert Salinas

August 08, 2020
Mark is a very laid back great guy. I look forward to buying a car from him.

Ryan McDermott

August 03, 2018
Mark is a one of a kind car dealer - a real standup guy who cares about making his customers happy and doing the right thing. We recently visited Mark to purchase a replacement for our old wo out Subaru. He had a VW wagon with 80k miles that looked like it was brand new, and at a very reasonable price. After a quick test drive we settled the deal and drove it home. The next day when we drove it on the highway at high speeds a slight vibration showed up in the steering wheel. We went back to Mark right away to see if he could help. Any other dealer in town would have told us "tough luck" but Mark was very accommodating. Over the next couple of days we worked together with his mechanics to get the problem resolved. It ended up being a simple fix but it took trips to VW, the tire shop, and so on. He stuck by us the whole way. Bottom line - if you're looking for that honest and trustworthy car dealer in Austin, Mark is your guy. He buys really great cars and sells them at very competitive prices, and it was so nice to be able to settle the deal in 10 minutes rather than waiting endlessly at a big dealer to listen to yet another sales pitch.

Ryker Harris

August 12, 2020
I am an insurance agent with Acceptance Insurance on Airport blvd. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mark. He was professional and courteous!

Sean Bibby

June 18, 2017
Why go anywhere else?

Tim Haskell

February 21, 2018
I had an absolutely positive car buying experience working with Mark Weinstein himself at Mark Weinstein Motors. Mark provides detailed CarFax for his entire inventory, something not common among smaller dealerships-- great for piece of mind and knowing the complete history of any potential vehicle purchases. Although his lot is smaller, his inventory is nothing but quality used vehicles handpicked by Mark himself. Mark completely eliminated all the negative stigmas one might associate with used car lots. In my personal opinion, I believe he has very competitive prices. He even went as far as helping me choose a way of financing my automotive loan through another local financial institution, as I was having troubles with my own bank (which resulted in me getting a tremendously low interest rate). If you're in the market for a used vehicle, I would highly suggest taking a look at his inventory via his website and contacting him for an appointment. It is also worth noting that I got my vehicle fully inspected the day after I purchased it and had zero issues.

Tracie Strange

February 25, 2020
This was an excellent experience for me, and I am a person who has great anxiety with regard to purchasing vehicles. Mark was so nice, quick about getting me through the process, and extremely accommodating with regard to my needs. I dare say I will purchase all future vehicles from him so he is not allowed to retire! If you value supporting local business rather than big business, then do yourself a favor and go talk to him because he is a single man operation I'm going to give it to you straight with honesty and ethics. Thank you for such a pleasant experience Mark!

Twila Waters

January 05, 2020
Mark was super informative about the car we were looking to buy. He was kind, patient and helpful throughout the entire process. We love our new car and we highly recommend Mark.